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Pittsburgh Precision Brush Painting
Aaron Obringer

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Pittsburgh Precision Brush Painting

We provide a number of landscaping services feel free to contact us for miscellaneous jobs.

Landscaping and Lawn Care Services In the Pittsburgh Area You Can Afford!

  • Lawn care / grass cutting
  • Weed wacking
  • Tree removal
  • Bush and hedge trimming
  • Mulching
  • Junk removal
  • Raking and leave clean up
  • Carpentry work
  • Retaining walls
  • Odd jobs

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Landscaping & Lawn Care In Pittsburgh

Professional landscaping and home improvement services can make a wealth of difference in enhancing the curb appeal of any residence or business, but choosing a service provider from amongst the competing businesses can be challenging. It can often be difficult to really differentiate between competing providers, but with Pittsburgh Precision Brush Painting high-quality, professional and effective lawn service, painting and many other services are available at rates that put our competition to shame.

Keeping up with a lawn alone can be a daunting task to busy parents and working families. Often, creating and maintaining a beautiful, healthy and attractive lawn and landscaping requires hours and hours of weekly work, hours that many home and business owners know would be better spent with family or working towards improving a small business’ success and profitability. What’s more, contracting with many lawn service companies can result in shoddy work, unreliable scheduling and untenable rates. We can offer quality and professional lawn and home services at very competitive prices, all while guaranteeing on-time delivery of the care and maintenance desired for any home or business. 

In addition to lawn care and landscaping, we provide outstanding tree removal services. Tree removal can be very costly, costs which are often only offset by the potential for damage to property that old, dead or damaged trees present. Not only expensive, but tree removal can be very dangerous to unskilled and inexperienced persons, resulting in injury, damage to person and property, and in some serious incidences even death. Contracting a professional team of tree removal experts to perform these dangerous tasks is well-worth the expense, and we pride ourselves on being extremely competitive and putting safety first when it comes to performing these jobs. 

House painting is a task that is best suited to professionals as well. Often, home and business owners wishing to save money will attempt to perform exterior and interior painting jobs themselves, only to end up with lackluster results and a considerable blow to the pocketbook. The money spent on paints and supplies to perform these jobs personally is close to what a professional painting service may charge, and we offer home and business painting services at low rates for high-quality work. Rather than have to do a job twice, consider investigating the services and prices offered by our home improvement business today. 

Contracting with professional lawn care, grass-cutting and landscaping service providers can spruce up a lawn and add outstanding curb appeal to any home or small business. By putting our years of experience to work for you, we can attend to all of the various wants and needs expressed by home owners and business owners to create and maintain an attractive, eye-catching landscape that is sure to be the envy of neighbors or draw prospective clients, consumers and customers towards your business. Often overlooked, beautiful landscaping and lawn care creates value, enhances curb appeal, can help with selling a property and represents an excellent return on investment for home and business owners alike.